The 5 Habits Framework

1) Evidence (How do I know what's true?)

2) Perspective (Who might think differently?)

3) Connections (What other areas of knowledge are connected?)

4) Supposition (How might it be different if..?)

5) Significance (Is this important?)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Basketball Teams Competing to Lose

Tennessee Girls Teams Banned from Post Season

1)  What evidence is most credible in determining if these teams were trying to lose?  Is this cheating?  What information would help you determine this?  To what degree is the referee's judgment more important than a parent's?  Is a $1500 fine enough?  How do you know?  

2)  Why might a referee feel differently than a coach in this game?  Why might a 5th grader playing basketball feel differently than a senior on this team?  How might one view this differently if they hated sports?

3)  In what ways is this connected to taking a test in math class?  In what ways is this like a parent letting their child win at a board game?    

4)  What would happen if they competed to the best of their ability?  What would happen if they cancelled the tournament?  What is another strategy they could have used to avoid playing a more difficult team?

5)  What are the short term consequences of this game?  Long term? Have you ever been in a situation that required you to not perform your best?  Is this a bigger issue than just one basketball game?

Extension Activities:

1)  Students can research and present a list of sports cheating scandals and make an argument for this situation being on the spectrum of offenses.

2)  Students can create a variant of basketball that requires them to score the fewest points and create a mock training/instructional video for recruitment.

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