The 5 Habits Framework

1) Evidence (How do I know what's true?)

2) Perspective (Who might think differently?)

3) Connections (What other areas of knowledge are connected?)

4) Supposition (How might it be different if..?)

5) Significance (Is this important?)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Restricting Travel to Curb Ebola

Restricting Travel to Curb Ebola

1)  What is Ebola?  Where have you heard about this?  Do you trust the source?  Are some sources more credible than others on this topic?  The Centers for Disease Control?  The radio?  Facebook?  Who should decide if restrict travel?  What gives them authority?      

2)  Who has the most important opinion on this subject?  How might a teenager in Liberia view this differently than a teenager in Dallas?  A nurse with 2 children in Ohio versus a physician with the organization Doctors Without Borders?    

3)  How is this crisis connected to any other recent epidemics?  Swine Flu?  AIDS?  The bubonic plague?  What is the intersection between the Ebola crisis and math?  How is Ebola like the World Series?  Who is the audience?  What is first base?  What is an inning?       

4)  What would happen if we restricted travel to the US from West Africa for a year?  What would happen if the government made people get an Ebola vaccine? 

5)  How significant is the risk to you?  How significant is the risk to people you care about?  Are there other things to worry about more than Ebola?  To what degree is this an example of sensationalism by the media?

Extension Activities:
1)  Chart the prevalence of Ebola in various countries and compare them to the US.  Predict results in various potential cases (i.e. The US invests heavily in the World Health Organization,  the US bans all travel for 10 years, etc.).  

2)  Students can describe a personified day in the life of a virus.  Fears, motivations, etc. 

3)  Students can research effective and ineffective responses to international health crises and provide advice to a school administrator on how to handle the school's response.  

4)  Students can place myths and facts about Ebola on a continuum to evaluate the claims made by various news/social networking sources.        


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